What is DISP?

The Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) is the newly implemented standard for risk mitigation, information safeguarding and monitoring for companies participating in the Australian defence supply chain.

Our DISP consultants assist Australian businesses working with defence with applying for DISP membership and implementing appropriate compliance measures.

Clients Often Ask...

Is DISP Co Affordable?

All DISP consultancy pricing is custom to your company.

This is necessary as organisational risk factors can vary significantly.

Our consultancy has often saved tens of thousands in IT implementation costs, massively reduced risk, and prevented a lengthy approval process with defence.

Which locations do you service?

DISP Co assists clients Australia-Wide.

For Entry Level DISP a site visit is typically not required.

Organisations seeking DISP Level 1 may require site visits for DISP's Physical Security element.

Is a consultant compulsory?

While Defence has not mandated the use of a DISP consultant, many companies seek out advisory services to streamline their DISP applications and minimize risk.

Benefits of a DISP consultant:

  • DISP implementation savings
  • Compliant DISP Documentation
  • CSO & SO Training
  • Assistance with DISP application lodgement

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