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Explore Australia's defence industry opportunities in engineering and design. From advanced military hardware to cutting-edge technologies, firms can contribute by joining the Defence Industry Security Program for tenders and contracts.

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Role of Engineering & Design in Defence

Why DISP is needed

In Australia’s defence industry, engineering and design firms have numerous opportunities due to the government’s focus on enhancing national security and self-reliance in defence capabilities.

This includes developing advanced military hardware like naval vessels, aircraft, and vehicles, as well as cutting-edge defence technologies such as munitions, drones, and communication systems.

These firms can also engage in research targeting material advancements, surveillance systems, and combat gear to support Australia’s goal of a self-sustaining defence sector and export potential.

The majority of tenders and contracts in these fields mandate Defence Industry Security Program Membership by applying companies.

Defence Opportunities for Engineering Firms

Leverage Recent Investments

Engineering and design firms within the Australian defense industry have the opportunity to explore potential benefits from recent investments. Notably, the $238 million defense R&D initiative spearheaded by the University of Adelaide and the University of New South Wales is a key focus.

This initiative is dedicated to autonomous technologies, hypersonics, and high-frequency technologies, supported by a $50 million contribution from the Commonwealth government and a $188 million co-investment from partners.

The overarching goal is to create approximately 1,000 new job opportunities over a span of four years.

Consultancy Solutions

We can assist

Offering a range of consultancy services to position organisations for success.

Inside Threat Awareness Program

Entry Level DISP Membership

Companies seeking guidance with the Defence Industry Security Program’s (DISP) entry level certification may benefit from DISP Co’s advisory services.

Level 2 DISP Membership

Complying with Level 2 of the Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) allows companies to store and handle SECRET information, and...

Level 3 DISP Membership

Adhering to Level 3 of the Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) grants firms access to TOP SECRET information, enabling access...

Level 1 DISP Membership

Companies seeking guidance with the Defence Industry Security Program’s (DISP) level 1 certification should seek DISP Co’s advisory services.

Lodgement Of DISP Application

Incorrect lodgement of DISP applications have often cost companies dearly in time, missed contracts, and even disapproval of their DISP...

CSO & SO Training & Ongoing Compliance Support

As part of DISP’s governance element, companies are obligated to maintain the training of the Chief Security Officer (CSO) and...

DISP Compliance Maintenance Support

DISP Documentation Development

DISP Gap Analysis

Our DISP consultancy begins with a complete audit of existing business processes in the four DISP categories (Governance, Cyber, Personnel,...

Defence industry security program levels

DISP Levels Explained

Gain an understanding of different DISP Membership Levels to determine your organisation’s required compliance level. 

Entry Level DISP

Suited to most businesses

We have developed a fixed-price package designed to bring companies into compliance with Entry Level DISP in a short time-frame. 

Compliance with Entry Level will grant access to OFFICIAL: Sensitive information. 

Level 1 DISP

Additional Inclusions

Compliance with Level 1 DISP requires an expanded scope to meet the department’s additional requirements. Generally the time, complexity and risk factors of implementation are increased. Compliance with Level 1 will grant access to PROTECTED information. 

Level 2 DISP

Custom Package

Compliance with Level 2 DISP requires considerable expansion of project scope. Compliance with level 2 will grant access to SECRET information. The department has set high standards for Level 2 compliance across all four DISP categories. 

Level 2 is suited to organisations deeply embedded in the defence industry or working on highly classified projects.

Level 3 DISP

Custom Package

Compliance with Level 3 DISP requires significant expansion of project scope. Compliance with level 3 will grant access to TOP SECRET information.The department has set the highest standards for Level 3 compliance across all four DISP categories.

Level 3 is suited to organisations involved in the most classified technologies, operations and defence works.