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The logistics and supply chain sector is experiencing a digital overhaul, focusing on improving efficiency and decision-making through advanced technology integration. The aim is addressing rapid advancement in military equipment and technology, ensuring that logistics and supply chain systems can keep pace with evolving operational demands.

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Defence Industry Logistics and Supply Chain Contracts

The Opportunities

The ever growing reliance on technology, increasing international instability, the war in Ukraine and ongoing impacts of Covid-19 have further highlighted the need for robust and resilient supply chains and logistics.

This fact has not been missed by policy-makers, especially in Defence who recognize the need for innovation and investment in this field.

As such, there is no shortage in commercial opportunities throughout the Defence Industry for SMEs and Large corporations that are eager to contribute. To do so, most contracts will require resilience within the companies they award contracts to, and this is where the Defence Industry Security Program comes in.

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Inside Threat Awareness Program

Entry Level DISP Membership

Companies seeking guidance with the Defence Industry Security Program’s (DISP) entry level certification may benefit from DISP Co’s advisory services.

Level 2 DISP Membership

Complying with Level 2 of the Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) allows companies to store and handle SECRET information, and...

Level 3 DISP Membership

Adhering to Level 3 of the Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) grants firms access to TOP SECRET information, enabling access...

Level 1 DISP Membership

Companies seeking guidance with the Defence Industry Security Program’s (DISP) level 1 certification should seek DISP Co’s advisory services.

Lodgement Of DISP Application

Incorrect lodgement of DISP applications have often cost companies dearly in time, missed contracts, and even disapproval of their DISP...

CSO & SO Training & Ongoing Compliance Support

As part of DISP’s governance element, companies are obligated to maintain the training of the Chief Security Officer (CSO) and...

DISP Compliance Maintenance Support

DISP Documentation Development

DISP Gap Analysis

Our DISP consultancy begins with a complete audit of existing business processes in the four DISP categories (Governance, Cyber, Personnel,...

DISP for Logistics & Supply Chain FAQs

Common Questions

Common questions about DISP for Logistics & Supply Chain

In Australia’s Defence Industry, opportunities for logistics and supply chain companies include supporting digital transformation efforts, enhancing unmanned system deployment, and improving supply chain resilience. There’s a focus on integrating advanced technologies like AI and IoT to streamline operations and decision-making. Companies can also contribute to developing sustainable practices and responding to the increasing complexity of defence logistics needs, aligning with the forecasted growth in sectors such as drone technology.

Depending on your contractual obligations the required DISP level will vary, but in our experience most firms in this industry are not required to store classified assets on-site or on their IT network.

As such, Entry level DISP is often sufficient – but this depend on security clearance requirements for staff.

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Defence industry security program levels

DISP Levels Explained

Gain an understanding of different DISP Membership Levels to determine your organisation’s required compliance level. 

Entry Level DISP

Suited to most businesses

We have developed a fixed-price package designed to bring companies into compliance with Entry Level DISP in a short time-frame. 

Compliance with Entry Level will grant access to OFFICIAL: Sensitive information. 

Level 1 DISP

Additional Inclusions

Compliance with Level 1 DISP requires an expanded scope to meet the department’s additional requirements. Generally the time, complexity and risk factors of implementation are increased. Compliance with Level 1 will grant access to PROTECTED information. 

Level 2 DISP

Custom Package

Compliance with Level 2 DISP requires considerable expansion of project scope. Compliance with level 2 will grant access to SECRET information. The department has set high standards for Level 2 compliance across all four DISP categories. 

Level 2 is suited to organisations deeply embedded in the defence industry or working on highly classified projects.

Level 3 DISP

Custom Package

Compliance with Level 3 DISP requires significant expansion of project scope. Compliance with level 3 will grant access to TOP SECRET information.The department has set the highest standards for Level 3 compliance across all four DISP categories.

Level 3 is suited to organisations involved in the most classified technologies, operations and defence works.