Chief Compliance Officers – DISP Membership Risks & Maintenance

Mitigating DISP Membership Risks

As the Chief Compliance Officer you are familiar with the never ending and ever increasing standards, governance, training and certification requirements of your company. It is our role to minimize the burden of DISP implementation and create systems that make ongoing compliance sustainable.

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Defence Industry Security Program Compliance

The Four Pillars of DISP

The DISP consists of four key pillars:

Personnel Security

Involving the management and handling of security clearances, training, and access of company staff and contractors to classified information and assets held by the company.

Physical Security

Involving the security of company physical premises – be they offices, warehouses, factories or otherwise; the DISP requires particular access controls and zoning to ensure only required staff have access to classified materials, and to protect from outside actors.

Cyber Security

Involving the information security and resilience built into company networks and end-points (devices like servers, phones, laptops…). The DISP required adherence to frameworks like the Essential 8 or ISO 27001.


The governance components of the DISP is the series of procedures, plans, and documents that govern the first three pillars of the DISP.

Consultancy Solutions

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Inside Threat Awareness Program

Entry Level DISP Membership

Companies seeking guidance with the Defence Industry Security Program’s (DISP) entry level certification may benefit from DISP Co’s advisory services.

Level 2 DISP Membership

Complying with Level 2 of the Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) allows companies to store and handle SECRET information, and...

Level 3 DISP Membership

Adhering to Level 3 of the Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) grants firms access to TOP SECRET information, enabling access...

Level 1 DISP Membership

Companies seeking guidance with the Defence Industry Security Program’s (DISP) level 1 certification should seek DISP Co’s advisory services.

Lodgement Of DISP Application

Incorrect lodgement of DISP applications have often cost companies dearly in time, missed contracts, and even disapproval of their DISP...

CSO & SO Training & Ongoing Compliance Support

As part of DISP’s governance element, companies are obligated to maintain the training of the Chief Security Officer (CSO) and...

DISP Compliance Maintenance Support

DISP Documentation Development

DISP Gap Analysis

Our DISP consultancy begins with a complete audit of existing business processes in the four DISP categories (Governance, Cyber, Personnel,...

Defence industry security program levels

DISP Levels Explained

Gain an understanding of different DISP Membership Levels to determine your organisation’s required compliance level. 

Entry Level DISP

Suited to most businesses

We have developed a fixed-price package designed to bring companies into compliance with Entry Level DISP in a short time-frame. 

Compliance with Entry Level will grant access to OFFICIAL: Sensitive information. 

Level 1 DISP

Additional Inclusions

Compliance with Level 1 DISP requires an expanded scope to meet the department’s additional requirements. Generally the time, complexity and risk factors of implementation are increased. Compliance with Level 1 will grant access to PROTECTED information. 

Level 2 DISP

Custom Package

Compliance with Level 2 DISP requires considerable expansion of project scope. Compliance with level 2 will grant access to SECRET information. The department has set high standards for Level 2 compliance across all four DISP categories. 

Level 2 is suited to organisations deeply embedded in the defence industry or working on highly classified projects.

Level 3 DISP

Custom Package

Compliance with Level 3 DISP requires significant expansion of project scope. Compliance with level 3 will grant access to TOP SECRET information.The department has set the highest standards for Level 3 compliance across all four DISP categories.

Level 3 is suited to organisations involved in the most classified technologies, operations and defence works.