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Adelaide is home to some of Australia’s greatest Defence Industry manufacturers, suppliers and assets.

Adelaide is home to some of Australia's greatest Defence Industry manufacturers, suppliers and assets. Whilst highly lucrative, the defence industry is also competitive and faces increasing regulatory and compliance requirements for companies participating in defence tenders.

Both Government and Private Defence Contractors (Primes) are seeking to strengthen the SME supply chain. 

Naturally, SME's must improve their internal processes to maintain a high level of information security. This is particularly the case when defence contracts provide access to sensitive and classified material.

The Defence Industry Security Program was government's answer to these challenges. The DISP is now considered a requirement for many tenders by both Government and Primes.


DISP's Common Questions Answered

Depending on the level of DISP membership you are seeking your implementation costs can vary greatly. 

It may be the case that your company is already compliant with the majority of requirements for a particular DISP level, or that significant work is required in some DISP categories but not in all four. 

The Gap Analysis conducted by our consultants will give you a clear indication of your current compliance and capability gaps. 

At that stage of the project your implementation costs will become clear.

Our consultancy has often saved tens of thousands in IT implementation costs, massively reduced risk, saved executives time, streamlined DISP applications, and prevented lengthy recommendations from  defence.

Though lodgement of DISP applications are free, consultancy has significant benefits too. 

All DISP consultancy pricing is custom to your company.

This is necessary as organisational risk factors can vary significantly.

DISP Co has standardized base costs for entry level DISP in line with the Department of Defence’s suggested estimate.

DISP Co assists clients Australia-Wide.

For Entry Level DISP a site visit is typically not required.

Organisations seeking DISP Level 1 may require site visits for DISP’s Physical Security element.

While Defence has not mandated the use of a DISP consultant, many companies seek out advisory services to streamline their DISP applications and minimize risk.

Benefits of a DISP consultant:

  • DISP implementation savings
  • Compliant DISP Documentation
  • CSO & SO Training
  • Assistance with DISP application lodgement

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