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Growing members of the defence industry security program

Adtech Electrical

With over 25 years experience in the electrical services industry Australia-wide, Adtech Electrical Solutions can offer electrical installation & electrical repair work to all domestic, industrial & commercial premises.

IAC Acoustics

Founded in 1949, IAC has pioneered the development of engineered noise control solutions in a diverse range of markets including aerospace, commercial construction, healthcare, industrial engineering, transport, education and media.


Gurugun is a consultancy specialising in the Australian Defence and National Security sector. Their services range from advisory, strategic planning, program management and execution.


3CIR specialise in Military and Emergency Services training and courses, with an in-depth firsthand knowledge of the unique skills obtained through these professions.

Saeid Vossoughi
Chief Technical Officer, Plasma Shield

Made the implementation and certification journey of Medical Device Quality Management System simple and straight forward by providing professional and supportive advices. Their staff were hands on and always there when we needed them.

Anthony Brdar
Managing Director, MG Engineering

Highly professional operators who have successfully Improved and Managed MG Engineering’s Quality, Safety and Environmental Systems for our Defence and Commercial Contracts.

Duy Tran
Operations Manager, MJ Engineering

Supported our Integrate Management System to ensure our frameworks comply with current standards include ISO 9001, ISO 45001 & 14001. Additionally with staffing qualifed with Cert10, IntegPro are flexible in facilitate with their broad range of expertise.


Why Obtain DISP membership?


Obtaining DISP Membership opens the doors to lucrative tenders and enhances internal company processes with relation to information security, risk management and cyber security. 

The implementation of DISP’s requirements is often complex. DISP Consulting Co can assist with all facets of DISP membership application for organizations of all sizes Australia wide.

We encourage prospective DISP members to contact our office for a complimentary initial consultation to determine their suitability for the Defence Industry Security Program

Improve Internal Compliance and Security Measures

Prepare for modern risks, comply with new standards, remain competitive.

Access New Markets

With global military spending almost doubling since 2000, and Oceania accounting for 27% of global expenditure, domestic and export defence markets are on the rise.

Mitigate risk abnd IMPROVE Company COMPLIANCE

Prepare for modern risks, comply with new standards, remain competitive.

Tender For Lucrative Defence Contracts

Access to Defence security services that will enable you to be ‘Defence-ready’ when delivering contracts and tenders.

DISP Levels Explained


Entry Level DISP

Suited to most businesses

We have developed a fixed-price package designed to bring companies into compliance with Entry Level DISP in a short time-frame. 

Compliance with Entry Level will grant access to OFFICIAL: Sensitive information. 

Level 1 DISP

Additional Inclusions

Compliance with Level 1 DISP requires an expanded scope to meet the department’s additional requirements. 

Generally the time, complexity and risk factors of implementation are increased. 

Compliance with Level 1 will grant access to PROTECTED information. 

Level 2 DISP

Custom Package

Compliance with Level 2 DISP requires considerable expansion of project scope. Compliance with level 2 will grant access to SECRET information. 

The department has set high standards for Level 2 compliance across all four DISP categories. 

Level 2 is suited to organisations deeply embedded in the defence industry or working on highly classified projects.

Level 3 DISP

Custom Package

Compliance with Level 3 DISP requires significant expansion of project scope. Compliance with level 3 will grant access to TOP SECRET information.

The department has set the highest standards for Level 3 compliance across all four DISP categories.

Level 3 is suited to organisations involved in the most classified technologies, operations and defence works.

Why choose DISP Consulting Co

Specialist Defence Industry Security Program Consultants


Objective consultants undertaking our obligation to your interests and objectives at every stage.


Laser-focused and goal oriented. Our nimble team will keep you on track.


Fixed-price, predictable fees with clearly defined deliverables and timelines.


DISP Common Questions Answered

Depending on the level of DISP membership you are seeking your implementation costs can vary greatly. 

It may be the case that your company is already compliant with the majority of requirements for a particular DISP level, or that significant work is required in some DISP categories but not in all four. 

The Gap Analysis conducted by our consultants will give you a clear indication of your current compliance and capability gaps. 

At that stage of the project your implementation costs will become clear.

Our consultancy has often saved tens of thousands in IT implementation costs, massively reduced risk, saved executives time, streamlined DISP applications, and prevented lengthy recommendations from  defence.

Though lodgement of DISP applications are free, consultancy has significant benefits too. 

All DISP consultancy pricing is custom to your company.

This is necessary as organisational risk factors can vary significantly.

DISP Co has standardized base costs for entry level DISP in line with the Department of Defence’s suggested estimate.

DISP Co assists clients Australia-Wide.

For Entry Level DISP a site visit is typically not required.

Organisations seeking DISP Level 1 may require site visits for DISP’s Physical Security element.

While Defence has not mandated the use of a DISP consultant, many companies seek out advisory services to streamline their DISP applications and minimize risk.

Benefits of a DISP consultant:

  • DISP implementation savings
  • Compliant DISP Documentation
  • CSO & SO Training
  • Assistance with DISP application lodgement

Have another question? Book a free initial consult